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About Our Officers

Rocky T's security officers complete induction training which includes the following subjects:

  • Legal aspects of security service.
  • Customer service.
  • Radio procedures and public relations.
  • Report writing.

All of our in-house training is in addition to state-required training classes and licensing, which applicants must have completed prior to being hired.

Rocky T's Security Services

Unlike many security companies that sub-contract to guard companies for standing guards, Rocky T's provides both services. This ensures that our guards have instant communication with our dispatchers and supervisors via two-way radios. Continuous communication between guards and supervisors gives our standing guards immediate assistance should a problem arise. Our services provide:

  • Immediate intervention and notification of the proper authorities during emergency situations.
  • Securing, locking and unlocking of facilities and doors or gates as needed.
  • Private property parking control and enforcement, which includes issuing parking citations and conducting vehicle tows when authorized.
  • Uniformed officers conducting foot patrols are in direct communication with our dispatch facility or a supervisor on duty.

Here are just a few points that assure Rocky T’s services are effective, safe and legal.

  • Rocky T’s management and executive staff is actively involved in the supervision and operations of the uniformed guard department.
  • Our officers undergo an extensive background investigation to ensure we only hire the highest caliber of officer.
  • Supervisors regularly check on-site officers to ensure the assignment is being handled to the utmost satisfaction.
  • All of our post officers are thoroughly trained and supervised.
  • Rocky T’s is dedicated to giving our clients the most professional and courteous security officers available.
  • Rocky T’s Inc. carries a $3,000,000 liability policy.